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Firehouse Grill
162 Main Street, Monroe, CT
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OVERSTUFFED SANDWICHES  (all grinders served on our own fresh baked 10″ rolls)

Firehouse Philly – 3/4 pound shaved rib-eye steak grilled with fresh onions & peppers, smothered with melted American cheese $9.95

Chicago Fire – our famous Philly cheesesteak cooked with our special hot sauce & topped with spicy giardiniera from Chicago $11.95

Chicken Philly – julienned chicken breast, grilled with fresh onions & peppers, smothered with melted American cheese $9.95

Mark’s Meatballs – hand-rolled all beef meatballs covered in our own marinara sauce, topped with freshly sliced mozzarella & imported parmesan cheese $9.95

Chicken Parmigiana – tender, hand-breaded chicken cutlets covered in our own marinara sauce, topped with freshly sliced mozzarella & imported parmesan cheese $9.95

Eggplant Parmigiana – thinly sliced and battered eggplant, lightly fried & topped with freshly sliced mozzarella & imported parmesan cheese $9.95

Sausage & Peppers –  a mixture of sweet & hot sausage topped with peppers & onions, OR…with “the works” – our own marinara sauce, freshly sliced mozzarella & imported parmesan cheese $9.95

Firehouse Rueben – thinly sliced corned beef, sauerkraut & imported swiss cheese covered in Thousand Island dressing $9.95

E.M.T. – thinly sliced and battered eggplant, lightly fried & topped with fresh mozzarella and sliced tomato with balsamic & mayo $9.95

Firehouse Pulled Pork – slow roasted hand-pulled pork covered with BBQ sauce & our own coleslaw $9.95

Chipotle Meatloaf – thick sliced, handcrafted meatloaf with sauteed onions, covered in melted cheddar cheese & drizzled with our own chipotle aioli $9.95

Thanksgiving – oven roasted turkey, Stove Top stuffing, cranberry sauce & mayo $10.95

Cuban – slow roasted hand-pulled pork, boiled ham & melted swiss cheese topped with pickle chips & yellow mustard $10.95

B.A.L.T. – overstuffed grinder filled with bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato & lemon aioli $8.95

Buffalo Chicken – hand-breaded chicken cutlets tossed in buffalo sauce, crumbled bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato & bleu cheese dressing $9.95

Chicken Caesar – julienned chicken breast, romaine lettuce, croutons & imported parmesan cheese tossed in caesar dressing $9.95

Monroe Wrap – julienned chicken breast, chopped romaine lettuce, cucumbers & tomatoes tossed in cucumber dressing $9.95

Turkey Bacon Avocado Wrap – oven roasted turkey breast, bacon, avocado, romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheddar cheese & Thousand Island dressing $9.95


Fried Mozzarella – hand-breaded wedges of fresh mozzarella, covered in our own marinara sauce & imported parmesan cheese $6.95

Hand-Cut Fries – huge helping of our own hand-cut, double fried potatoes served with seasoned salt $4.95

Cheese Fries – our own hand-cut fries covered in a mild cheddar cheese sauce $5.95

Chili-Cheese Fries – our own hand-cut fries covered in a mild cheddar cheese sauce and our famous Firehouse chili $6.95

Bacon Cheddar Ranch Fries – our own hand-cut fries with bacon, cheddar cheese & ranch dressing $6.95

Sweet Potato Fries – our own hand-cut sweet potato fries served with seasoned salt $5.95

Onion Rings $5.95

Chicken Tenders & Fries $7.95


8 oz. $3.95 / 16 oz. $6.95

Clam Chowder


8 oz. $3.95 / 16 oz. $6.95

ITALIAN BEEF – A Chicago favorite! Seasoned top round cooked in a spicy au jus, thinly sliced and served any way you like…

Dipped – stuffed in a roll $8.95

Dunked – stuffed in a roll then fully dunked in juice $8.95

Sweet Dry – stuffed in a roll with sweet peppers $8.95

Chief – with provolone or mozzarella cheese $9.95

Hot Dipped Combo – with beef & sausage $10.95

Triple Double – double beef, double sausage & double cheese $12.95

WINGS – Rolled in flour and fried until golden brown, finished with your favorite sauce.

10 for $9.95 / 20 for $18.95 / 50 for $44.95 / 100 for $85.95

Buffalo, Honey Hot Tamale, Garlic Parmesan, BBQ, Teriyaki or Naked

**Gluten Free – ask for non-breaded


House Salad – romaine & iceberg blend, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots & red onion $6.95 (add chicken $3)

Caesar Salad – romaine lettuce, croutons, caesar dressing & imported parmesan cheese $8.95 (add chicken $3)

Iceberg Wedge – wedge of iceberg lettuce covered in bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, tomatoes & bleu cheese dressing $8.95

Southwest Chicken Salad – romaine & iceberg blend, julienned seasoned chicken, tomatoes, red onions, black beans, corn, cheddar cheese & tortilla strips with chipotle ranch dressing $11.95

Buffalo Chicken Salad – hand-breaded chicken cutlet strips tossed in buffalo sauce with romaine & iceberg blend, crumbled bleu cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers & red onion with bleu cheese dressing $10.95

Salad Dressing Choices: Oil & Vinegar, Italian, Ranch, Caesar, Bleu Cheese, Balsamic, Thousand Island, Chipotle Ranch & Honey Mustard


**Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.

Prices do not include CT sales tax

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